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Frequent Dead Battery

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Has anyone experienced their battery running down for what is no apparent reason?

I have had the batter run down four times and had the electrical system checked thorough in all instances.

The Battery in the XLR had been replaced twice.

Today the same issue occurred and the only thing different (That I can discern) I did was put the top down two days ago and put it up yesterday. This could be an issue as a switch or other component may continue to stay on causing the battery to drain.

Have any of you had this experience?
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standby said:
I think you might be right, sounds like a limit switch is closed, but I would think you'd hear a whirring noise. Have them put an amp meter on it while hooked up to their diagnostic machine and see if it draws more amps after the top goes down or comes up........Sorry
On another note..............I bought tar remove which doesn't work worth a damn, would gasoline work better?
Try a little WD40, it usually will remove tar/asphalt without harming your finish. Just be sure and replace any wax/polish you may had removed in the process.
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