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Fooling around

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Since I now have this sonyericsson bluetooth phone with an onboard camera: I took the attached picture from the window of my office, emailed it to myself and now have posted it for you here.

Toys, toys, toys.....

It will never be mistaken for a photo taken with my 7 Megapixel Nikon, but it does give instant gratification, eh?


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Where'd you get the model?

Aviator, I've seen a Hotwheels XLR, about your size, also in red--any Idea if its available in Xenon Blue/Tan interior?

--Bob :rolleyes
I hope this doesn't tee you off...

...but my XLR salesperson gave it to us as a gift. Its a Texas thang. I believe you will find some inventory at your local Cadillac dealer. Or possibly Allen, here on the forum, can probably get you one. Price should be around $50.

Regarding Xenon Blue - I asked the dealer if they had any that color. (As you know, that's my favorite too. :D ) He said they carried only Raven Black and Crimson Pearl.

BTW - The NYC trip is still a go. We'll be there Thursday 12-9 through Monday 12-13. Will be staying in Manhattan - probably at the W Hotel. :thumbs
$15 bucks on Ebay.....$50 at the dealer!
my dealer gave me one too, nice touch, but after I bought one on Ebay!

Crimson Pearl, but had to paint the interior black to match mine
Good Idea

Actually, I bought the spray can of touch-up (works unbelievably well for tiny scratches or dings) so maybe a red or silver model XLR wouldn't be too hard to repaint in Xenon Blue.... :rolleyes

I'll keep everyone posted if I ever get it done!

Aviator, will you have time for a drink at the W? If its the one on 17th street, its 1 express stop from my office--I'll buy the first round!

Sorry for the delay responding, its year-end madness in my business!


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Please see Private message sent to you with my contact info.

World's Largest XLR???

Greetings from Times Square in NYC. I'm looking to hook up with Dadonator tomorrow if things work out. However, I have something to share with you.

I wandered out of my hotel at 47th and Broadway, and what did I find?

Here's a photo: The world's largest XLR? :eek



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Very Techie!

Aviator, here I haven't managed to take a Manhattan picture of my XLR, and on your weekend getaway, you've already photographed, downloaded to laptop(?) and emailed a pic to the site, whew, very high tech, while traveling, I'm impressed!

Your picture kind of shows the similarity of all the Caddy noses/bodies--I definitely think the XLR looks like a smaller, sleeker, "better-ratioed" CTS, of course with killer drive-train and electronics (lets not get into the CTS-V 400hp motor, though).

--Bob :thumbs
New Toys

Don't be so impressed. My IS guys get all the credit.

Dell Latitude X300 Laptop is wirelessly connected to my T3 server in Houston through the W Hotel's WLAN. The new T-Mobile phone allows me to take a photo and instantly e-mail it to myself. In the evening, after being dragged around like a poodle by my bride all day, I retrieved the photo and posted it for you all.

The cool thing about T-Mobile is that it works overseas, when I'm off on one of my "man's quest for oil" trips.

Is that a CTS? Maybe so - I cant tell. The lines are a little ambiguous.

Rainy and cold around here. Almost got poked in the eye by about a million umbrellas.

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Dadonator said:
Aviator, I've seen a Hotwheels XLR, about your size, also in red--any Idea if its available in Xenon Blue/Tan interior?

--Bob :rolleyes

Custom painted Xenon blue on Ebay today

1_XLR said:
Thanks amigo. I put it on my watch list. But $150 and 6 weeks delivery? Geez!

2005 Ball Drop

I hope everyone has had time to purge the New Years Eve toxins by now.

My "old fart" celebration comprised a quiet evening at 3000 ft in the Blue Ridge Mountains. On TV was Regis emceeing Dick Clark's annual NYC Times Square bash, and that incredible ball drop.

If any of you watched it also, did you notice? From my 12-09 post below, that photo of the gigantic XLR/CTS nose --- clearly visible during the fesivities!

A preview of the New Year right here on the XLR forum. Nothing but the best for you guys!

Dadonator is probably saying, "So what, I see it every day."
Hey Aviator..............Sorry but it's a California thang too!.......... I wish Cadillac would give everbody the same extras, books, medalions, desk XLR's, then nobody would feel slighted. I just remembered, I had a black Cadillac signiture golf bag tucked in the netting in my truck. I think it was to show how nicely a set of clubs fit and they forgot to take it out. I asked one of the salesmen about it and he kind of looked at me with this "What?" look on his face.
Different Experiences....

Happy NY to all! I wonder, did everyone get Cadillac's "Grill Emblem Thingy" via UPS after the car was delivered? I can't imaging any XLR owner, actually putting it on their grill, but it does make a nice paperweight!

I think they give you a different one for each Caddy you buy/lease, with the # of Caddies you've had on it.

Aviator, I did New Years in Times Square once, about 20 years ago! Its the kind of thing you only want to do once!

The craziest part of the experience, was the mounted police--every time they moved thru the crowd, you just got moved/lifted right off of your feet! Being a bit of a control freak, I wasn't too comfortable with the scene!

Have had better times visiting office parties at friends/colleagues with offices on Broadway for the Thanksgiving Day Parade, etc.--indoors, warm, with food and drink--very civilized and fun.

If you ever feel the need for a ridiculous amount of attention in your XLR, drive it thru Times Square around 7:30 PM (Broadway shows start @8:00pm) with the top down (weather permitting). You can't carry on a conversation for the 20 minutes that it takes to get thru traffic, because so many people just butt in with the usual comments: "nice car," "awesome," "how much does that car cost," "that's a Cadillac?" etc.
:D :crazy

A healthy and prosperous New Year to all!

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