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Simple but complexed

Hey Tim, isn't this fun, figuring out all these gadgets:banghead Acturally this is simple and complexed at the same time.
Even if the last fob in the car was your wife with #2, it will default to #1 when you both enter the car. The last setting is the one it picks up first, only, if one person is going for a ride.
Wife with Fob #2 takes ride, you, who has #1 and his wife who has #2 take another ride in the afternoon. The car will detect #1 as the default. If she is going to drive the car it will still detect FOB #1 and she will have to hit the button on the seat with her settings. Go to the store and get back into the car together, it will default to #1 again.
SOLUTION: Don't let anyone drive your baby.:D
PS You are aware that the FOB's are numbered on the back?

A picture for thill2

I personally tested this so as not to give any false info. This site is great, and the people on it are very clever at finding things out about our XLR's It's like having an angel on your shoulder
Went to the LA auto show during the week and there where so many people around my car when I came out I couldn't get to it. I just stood back until most left then I made a bee line for it. Sure made me feel like I made the right decision when I bought this baby. It's the wheels that really set it apart.:D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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