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:jester Free fix from CadillacI haven't heard anyone mention the heat from the console. Cadillac has a free fix if you want it done. One day and they take out the seats and console cover and put in a space age heat deflector which stops the heat from the exhaust.
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Any bad side effects?

Do the seats/shifter glove box, and cup holder all work & fit the same afterward?

I'm nervous to mess with it--my XLR doesn't get SO hot in summer, and I like the fit and finish of the interior.

Although its just a little warm to the touch--not ideal for drinks, I usually find that I drink sodas down faster than the time it takes to warm them up in the console!



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Everything went back together like brand new. Of course it has a lot to do with who takes it apart and puts it back together.
I use a heat gun to check the sides of the console while coming down a mountain in a lower gear last summer and it was 125 to 130 degrees. I had cold air hitting me in the face and hot heat next to my leg.
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