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Finally got mine!!!!

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Promised in July, August, September, October, I had just about given up but, VIN 400 arrived at dealer Friday Afternoon. Needless to say I am beside myself with Joy. I will take delivery tomorow I believe. It is light Platinum/Ebony interior.:D

Dick Shonk
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Congratulations! All good things are worth waiting for--the colors sound classically great! I've never seen the light platinum, so let us know if it looks much different than 'regular silver metallic.' Enjoy!:thumbs


congrats. Hope you feel the wait was worth it. My dealer informed me that his allocation of one can be ordered on Thursday 11/13. How many weeks, months did you have to wait before the car got to your dealer..

I placed my order for the XLR in February 2002 (actually I told the dealer I wanted a Cien if they were going into production) when it was determined that they would not make the Cien, the dealer gave me the option of ordering the XLR, the first for his dealership, naturally I said you bet! I informed him that I want his first Sixteen when they start producing it and that I would give whatever amount of deposit he required to make sure he knows I am serious. I took delivery of my XLR today and I must say I am impressed with everything about it. The delivery process took about three hours and was really quite simple.


Dick Shonk
Please post pics

I also have a platinum coming this month. Can you post some pics please?
Yeah, Mine has made it to the dealer

My car is at the dealership. Now I have to only wait until Thursday to pick it up. It is Xennon Blue with shale. I am already excited. I will try and post pics once I get the car and get a chance. I think it will be a great weekend.:party
congrats xlrxtc

I know u must be excited.. question? What time frame was your wait? Not the time your ordered but the time frame from when your dealer was able to place your order until delivery to you. I order mine on 3/10 but my dealer had to wait until 11/13 before he could order mine
I am not sure exactly when the dealer placed the order. The car has been finished since 10/20. It takes a while to go through an inspection. I was taking to a guy from the factory who said they are being very tough on the inspection. :D
There is a huge push for quality at General Motors these days. There are 22 new or redesigned products coming in the next year. It has been stated as a management goal that General Motors will have the best quality rating of all the domestic manufacturers by 2005. The SSR was the most recent example where vehicles were not released for sale until quality issues had been resolved.
Congratulations XLRXTC! I saw that exact color combo a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy and join the club!
I am " loving" my black with shale. It's fun to see heads turn!

I am having the same "lost the car and don't know where it is" problem here in Jacksonville, FL

They pulled the web site off of the air and sent an email saying it no longer is accessible.

I took Quixotic's advice and registered with the factory rep guys. They weren't any help at this particular stage of the game. They claim that the dealer has access to the most current information regarding where the car is.

I did confirm that that the car production was finished on 11/2 and needed to go through emissions testing, then Q/A and possibly the 2nd value added Q/A. Then if nothing was identified in those processes, it would be scheduled to ship. There are no timeframes available for each of these stages which is amazing to me.

I asked to have it escalated within Cadillac to get me an answer as to when it would be at the dealership. (It was due on 11/17 but I really doubt it).


Yes, the dealer now gets the most up-to-date information. They will get an invoice first.

The catch now is that the cars are made in batches. If one car in the batch has a problem, the whole batch is held up to make sure the problem doesn't exist in any other car in the batch.

Otherwise... maybe you'll have something to give Thanksgiving for... or an early Christmas present??? Time will tell.
I know that it'stough when you are going through it but believe me you will find that the wait is worth it! You will find that once you've gotten your car you will forget about the "aggravation" because you will be so happy that you will be smiling all the time.

Thanks for all of the information.

Is there any estimate regarding how long from production to delivery?

It would seem that Thanksgiving would be about right.


All that I can tell you is that mine was approximately 4 1/2 weeks
pics of my XLR

Here is a link to some pics of my XLR.

I have made a few small changes, let me know what you think.

I also made some clear acrylic paint protector for the door where you open it. I had a bad vision of my wifes ring scratching it.
If anyone wants info on doing this let me know.

I can't make the pictures post so here is a link. The pics are thumbnailed just click on them and they will be larger.:D
Nice pictures. Can you tell us more about this paint protector you created? Hard to tell anything form that picture.
IT is a clear acryllic film created by 3m. It is mostly used as a front end Bra type protection. Depending on where you live you have probably seen it on cars. It is very hard to see and is totally removeable.

I made a patern for the door cutout and applied it to protect from ring and fingernail scratches. It is applied with a squegee and a alcohol and water solution. Litlle pieces like this are pretty simple doing the front end on some cars is very hard. I just figured $20 of prevention is worth it as I can see that being an area that could get scratched.

I don't know if you noticed I also tinted the windows and removed all the badges.:D

I am also hard at work on getting some new custom wheels, once I got that done and anyother little things I will post pics. I also trying to figure out away to change the exhaust tips to something a little more angular and less corvette like. I may just have to fabricate something.
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