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What's your favorite color?

  • Black Raven

    Votes: 87 26.0%
  • Crimson Pearl

    Votes: 67 20.1%
  • Light Platinum

    Votes: 46 13.8%
  • Satin Nickel

    Votes: 28 8.4%
  • Thunder Gray

    Votes: 11 3.3%
  • Xenon Blue

    Votes: 60 18.0%
  • Alpine White

    Votes: 9 2.7%
  • Red

    Votes: 23 6.9%
  • Neiman Marcus Car (Limited Edition)

    Votes: 3 0.9%

Favorite Color?

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What's your favorite color?
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What about Ultra Violet? There will be 101 of them delivered before the end of September.
good point, but that really isn't a choice. if you wanted nieman marcus, you were stuck with purple. it's not really an option.

Interesting that when I recently picked up my Crimson Pearl, the dealer said it was the first one they had sold in that color (and they have delivered about 12 so far). Yet, it is leading the votes for favorite color.

People like Crimson, but don't order it? I wonder.
I did not order my Crimson Pearl from a dealer but when I was looking "in March" for one on dealer locator I found more XLR's in any color BUT Crimson Pearl.
But if you look on ebay today you will find MORE Crimson Pearl then any other color so who knows....
I was thinking the same thing.
everyone always says mine is the first red they've seen,
if one at all. and it was more difficult to locate when I ordered
in Nov. I thought there we're far fewer red produced.

Also interesting is the second place Blue was discontinued??

Any way to get production figures by color???
Thunder Gray Discontinued

The Xenon Blue has been the sleeper color, people were not sure about it until they saw it in person. In popularity it ranks up near the top.

The color that is discontinued was the Thunder Gray. The last day for an XLR dealer to place an order for the Thunder Gray was 4/20/04. @005 production starts on June 28th with the new color Blue Steel.

I like the Xenon Blue . Then the Black. I haven't seen an ugly one yet in any color.
Lt. Plat would be my first color of choice and second would be Blk Raven. The car looks sharp! :smash

This is my first post to this forum and I am working towards to purchasing this "push button automobile" by 2005.

Favorite Color Poll

Has anyone seen the new for '05 "Steel Blue" color? If so, what was it like? Or, when is it expected to arrive at dealers? I think it will look good, and expect that the color will be like previous blue-gray metallics that have been offered on Mercedes Benzes in the '70s and '80s, and on '80s BMWs.

Incidentally, a few months ago, there was an '04 XLR custom painted in "Silver Green" with Neutral Shale leather interior offered on e-bay for sale. It was the "Silver Green" previously offered on the CTS models. The combination looked good, overall. The car was initially a N-M special edition car (ultra violet) but the repaint, from the photos, looked quite professionally done.
Crimson Pearl just sounds as good as it looks. :D :D
So far my favorite color is the zenon blur, blue I mean, or is it blur! My next favorite color will probably be the steel blur, I mean blue, but will have to wait and see it first. ;) :cool :) :glol
favorite color

I just bought a Steel Blue. More classy than flashy. Pictures in about a week.
I am now starting wonder about the numbers that are showing up on the color chart above.
I wonder if this is showing what colors people ordered or NOW what the dealers ordered and had left in stock.
I think some people may have had to buy any color just to get one of these beautiful cars. Now that they have been out a little while and the 2005's are starting to hit the road maybe the chart will change a little faster and show a different scale or percentage.
Blaise :flag
Colors in Stock

MotorBoat, I agree with youre statement.

I figured I would tell you what I have experienced with 04 & 05 orders. Dealers that were ordering them for stock, were naturally going to order what they thought would be a safe/easy color to sell. Those colors would naturally be Crimson & Black Raven for a convertible.

That doesn't mean the people that wanted an XLR would have ordered either of those two colors. Since all my XLR's were pre sold for all of the 2004 model year and most of the 2005 model, the break down (below) is what each of my clients ordered for their XLR color choice. This should be more of an accurate picture of what color the consumer actually wanted.

Black Raven 40%
Light Platinum 35%
Xenon Blue 15%
Satin Nickel 5%
Crimson Red 5%
Thunder Gray 0%

Blue Steel is growing in popularity and will appeal to more ladies than the Xenon does.

Thank You
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Does any one have a photo of the steel blue? I had my dealer order a steel blue with shale. He said that he wanted to see that, color even if I don't buy it, which is pretty cool!
:cool :flag
Blue Steel Photos

For those of you that have wondered about the 2005 Blue Steel looks. When The carrier pulled up last week to deliver this new color, I was taken by surprise to see it in the carrier with little light on it, it cast a very unique appearance. I thought it was a shade of the Neiman Marcus Edition Ultra Violet.

Once the XLR was unloaded from the carrier I was able to see what I thought the color would be. That is about 80% medium blue with a cast of Violet/Lavender & Silver. I spent 2 days with it taking photos of it in various lights. For any 1993 Allante owners (Montana Blue) or 93-94 Cadillac owners you may remember Medium Montana Blue. It is not exact but it is very close, Blue Steel has a little more blue and less violet than Montana blue had.

I was hoping to have it longer but delivery times didnt quite work out, so I drove it to my clients home 145 miles away. You can see some photos of it that I have put up on the site.
Just click here

There is a very unique picture of all 6 of the 2005 XLR colors that were assembled at one time.

Thank You
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I guess we're going to need a new chart/poll incorporating the new color. Some of us still feel slighted that our Ultra Violets didn't get listed in the above "favorite color" poll. Who's to say that person who bought a black on black wouldn't prefer Ultra Violet... If you think you get looks driving around in your XLR, try it in Ultra Violet!
Ultra Violet

I saw one at the dealership the day we took delivery of ours . The color is just stunning. Its almost like a silk-on-silk Persian carpet, in that the color seems to change in accordance with the lighting conditions, and the sight line. :thumbs

I did a complete 720 walking around it before I could pinpoint the color.

Obviously the rarest XLR. I noticed that it did not make Allen's photo link of "all" the XLR colors.
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