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Exterior Sealant/Protectant? Input?

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Is anybody familiar with the Granitize Product known as Xzilon, a molecular adhesion exterior auto sealant? Has anyone used it on their xlr? You exterior experts need to weigh in on this. Good idea or bad idea?
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but does it work?

Can you still wax? Im told its like an additonal clear coat sealant, and adds more protection to your paint, makes it easier to wash, especially road bugs. Anybody have any experience with this product?
I will not use wax again. Too much work and then it builds up in every crack and crevice.

Our cars have a clear-coated finish and the best treatment is with any polymer; I use Zaino myself but there are a number of similar products such as Meguiars NXT.

The polymers are related to Rain-X and build a VERY thin layer of tough plastic that is opticaly pure except provides UV protection. Advantages are that you can build up layers of it; you can't do that with wax. It lasts a long time and you can put it on your windows, molding and it won't build up in crevices.

The one thing to remember is that the polymers are a COATING and are NOT a polish. Wipe on - wipe off, always with a gentle hand. DO NOT TRY TO POLISH WITH IT. You will swirl the finish.
Carnuba Wax!

For me, waxing my car is therapy. I really enjoy doing it. The problem with polymer coatings is "swirl marks". Polymers protect the paint, but are soft compared to clear coat. If you are not careful you will have a paint job full of tee-tiny scratches that really show up in bright light - with no good fix.

I put "Invisishield" on the leading surfaces for road stone protection. I use Carnuba wax ( the hardest wax available) on the paint, and periodically I use a clay bar to remove wax build up. The clay bar makes the surface ultra smooth, and preps it for the coat of Carnuba wax. Between wax jobs I use a product called Speed Shine, to keep that just waxed look.

Wax-on, wax off... :thumbs
Aviator....Please tell me more about "invisishield"...Sounds like something everyone should use :flag
Paint & Headlight Protection

This was the subject of a previous thread entitled
"Paint & Headlight protection"

Here's the link:

Here's some more information:

I paid $600 for a professional installation - its worth it. I wish there was something this good for the windshield.

De nada, amigo
I have used invisishield on my last four cars and I never had a rock chip on them when I sold or traded them . go to the site. also I put it on my headlighs, DTR lights, mirrors, you can't see it five feet away from the car. I also installed it around the windshield. charges wil vary greatly from 350.00 to 1000.00. here WV I had the 3M shield installed for $350.00. it takes approximatly 2.5 to 3 hours. stays on for the life of the vehicle or until you pull it off. if you live near San Antonio call Mike Hester 210-342-7114 and tell him Bud Leach said :jester :flag give me a break.

My XLR is in Southern California and sorely needs some of your therapy session. :jester :glol :jester
Always glad to help...

Quixotic said:

My XLR is in Southern California and sorely needs some of your therapy session. :jester :glol :jester consulting rate is $1500/day plus expenses. :)

I take in ironing for $300/shirt. :D

You see why I'm in the oil business? :flag
I have two shirts, please iron my shirts. :jester :flag
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