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After a year of checking various online dealerships for the GMPP Major Guard, I had to make a decision before the new model year (now) as the prices will likely go up. I have a 2005 and if I waited any longer I would not be eligible for the longest coverage, 84 mos, which is what i'm interested in.

So, I told my dealer Frankel Cadillac in Baltimore that I was looking at a couple of online quotes, that I understood that he could probably not compete with the high-volume guys, but if he wanted to take a shot, I would like to give him my business, since they have been very responsive in terms of minor maintenance issues.

As it turns out, his very first offer beat all the others, so I bought the plan. Frankel charged $2675, with no sales tax, for the 84mos/56k plan, $100 deductible, which is exactly what I want since I will keep the car, but won't put a lot of miles on it. The best internet price i could get was Black, who wanted $2740 for the same plan, and added on a hefty service charge if you paid by credit card, which my dealer did not. Pion was even more. If anyone wants the plan, my understanding is that most dealers will still write it under the current rates for the first couple of days in October, then it is likely that with the official new model year the rates will go up. Also, the coverage limits will change for older (2005 and 2004 cars).

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