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Exhaust Tip

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Has anyone put the Lund exhaust tip on there car?
I would like to get some more photos of it "I have the one off there web site" and if possible some measurements of it.
I would like to add the Cadillac &/or XLR emblems to it. I would put the emblems right in the middle with a Chrome, Black, or Gold back ground. What ever would make them stand out better.
Someone has made a plate that goes in between the stock tips but you can not see it very well unless you bend down and look under the car. I want to put the emblems right out at the end of this tip.
If anyone could help me out I would appreciate it. I can make it from scratch myself but this would just speed it up some.
I hope to be able to make/sell these for a lot less then the $1200.00 they want for there's.
If anyone thinks they might like one of mine please let me know also.
You can post here or email me at [email protected]

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motorboat- There seem to be a few close-up pix in the GALLERY section posted by Jetboyphx.
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