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[Etiquette] Signature Size

We ask that you make your signature a reasonable size.

Large signatures make threads harder to read especially given the high volume of posts we generate in a day around here. They also eat up larger amounts of forum's bandwidth to display the extra text in every post.

Below is a section to help you edit and change your signature. If you have any questions please feel free to contact any of the mod team via PM. Thanks.

Signature guidelines:

  • Keep total length of signature less than 2" (use more width instead of length to fit more text in)
  • Use smaller font sizes (1, 2 or 3 work well)
  • Keep white space to a minimum

How to change your signature?

Click 'UserCP' in the blue menu bar at top of page.
Click 'Edit Signature' and you will see an edit box with your current signature in it.

You can reorganize your signature by manipulating the text in this box.
To drop the font size highlight any amount of text and then choose the SIZE dropdown list and pick a low value such as 2. You can mix and match different font sizes and colors to achieve separation.

You can also do this manually by adding size "TAGS" around text in the edit box. Wrap any amount of text like this: {size=2}My text here{/size} (replace the curly brackets with square ones when you do this for real).
You can use the 'preview signature' button to check the results of your work as you go.

{size=2]My text line 1{/size}
{size=1]My text line 2{/size}

Works for links too!
{size=2}{URL=}Unofficial Chat Room{/URL}{/size}

In the general information thread it mentions that images for signatures are disabled primarily for bandwidth but also for thread readability reasons. Please do not attempt to circumvent this disabled feature by posting a signature image in the body of your post. Doing so will likely result in having it deleted, and continuance of this practice will lead to increased discipline up to and including banning. It's simple - just please respect why they are disabled and don't do it.
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