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Ehaust Plate for XLR-V

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Is anyone interested in a polished stainless steel exhaust plate for their V?
I have a source locally that will make them for $175, but we would need to order at least ten so he can send them out to be cut. He will make them separately for $250+ tax.
it's 3/16 and shaped like a T, but imagine the top longer and the bottom fatter to fit in between the exhaust. All corners are rounded. It goes in over the top of the exhaust and wedges down between the inner exhaust pipes. It's rock solid but you could tack weld it just to be on the safe side. I made the pattern for it, so blame me if it doesn't fit.
I bought a V badge ($45) which I will put in the middle of the part between the pipes, as I did on my windbaffle.
Will post pics this weekend. If you can't find add ons, you have to take the bull by the horns.:cheers
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Bob they have these in a highly polished finish. The ones I am refering to are only a thin metal. Strong and not flexable. Shine like chrome.
The T configuration has two holes on top that share the bolt that is used to hang the factory muffler. Is there something different on a V besides the logo on the plate?
1_XLR said:
We had trouble getting 5 people to order racing pedals, so I don't expect you'll get 10 'V' owners together on exhaust plates :nodno

We should all continue the efforts to get group or forum discounts on anything we buy though.

with the Borlas on my car, an exhaust plate is not an option
May I ask what the borlas cost? Didn't know they made them.
Neat. Any drone at any speed?
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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