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Edge Lit Art by WIND RESTRICTOR - Christmas Sale! :)

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Love our Wind Restrictors?? Check THIS out!!!!!

We would like to introduce our latest creation, Edge Lit Art.

Edge Lit Art is the perfect way to spice up any car enthusiasts garage or home.

Some other applications include:

  • Car Shows / Modification Displays
  • Home Theater/ Game Room Art
  • Fraternity/ Sorority Displays
  • Corporate Identity Displays
  • Wedding Commemorations
  • Anniversary Gifts
  • Business Logos/ Front Desk
  • Trade Shows
  • Family Portraits

Our edge lit art is made from ½" Acrylic Glass and the base is hand crafted, stained mahogany wood. Each piece of art comes with a 12V adapter wall-outlet plug for convenient illumination display. Also, upon request we can include a 12V adapter car outlet plug if you need the personalized display for a car show. Each piece of art is custom and personalized for each customer.

Place your order today to ensure you have a one-of-a-kind special gift for that special someone who you never know how to buy for.

King Penn Industries is proud to offer 15% off Edge Lit Art this holiday season. We look forward to bringing a beautiful and innovative gift to family's Christmas this year!
Watch the video here for ideas:

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