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Early XLR Poll Results

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These results are as of 11/25/2003 at 7PM or so (CST)...

For those curious about the All-Forum Member XLR Poll, I did some quick analysis after a week of polling. The bottom line results are that we have a very serious forum population.

Of the respondents, 73% have already placed some money into an XLR (either buying or placing a deposit). If we include people who are seriously considering an XLR, the total is 95%.

Interestingly we only have 1 Neiman Marcus XLR owner in the poll. The other item I found interesting is the same number of people own an XLR as the number of people who are waiting for an XLR that has been ordered. For those who ordered an XLR, slightly more don't have delivery dates than do have delivery dates.

Of course, all this is based on a very limited sampling size (about 5% of registered forum members). The poll is still open. For those who haven't voted yet, please do so even if you are not interested in purchasing an XLR. It is only with everyone's participation that the poll results will be meaningful.

The poll is at:
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I agree. We need to get the word out to more XLR owners and buyers and get them on board (pun intended). Any ideas?
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