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dvd access code

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hello all, I actually have a 2005 Caddy STS but I figured it would be similar as on the XLR. I, like everyone else, know that the access code 1791 allows you to watch dvd movies while in drive (my girlfriend would like to watch movies while we are out on the road). my question, how do you input that code on the screen??
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Left Side Button

There is a button above the power/volume button that has a musical note/screen icon on it.

Push this in and hold it for a few seconds. An input screen will appear and you can enter the code. Then hit return (as I recall).
DVD Access Code

EyeDoc is correct on the XLR's ability to watch DVD's for now! in the next few months that feature will no longer be on future XLR's. I am amost 100% sure it is not available on the STS.

When I say not available, I mean while the vehicle is in motion.

While we are on the subject, there has been a lot of discussion about a code for the Nav System to input information while moving.

Let me say it simply, there is no code to activate the non highlighted buttons, the system does not work like the DVD viewing system.

Thank You
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Gone on 2005

Tested the code 1791 in my new 2005 XLR (345 miles) and it does not work. Generates the message "Navigation DVD not inserted"

Navigation Disc Not Inserted?

Are you getting this message all the time when you have inserted the Nav disc. Please let me know something, will the system read a DVD while in Park? such as your 2005 DVD owners manual or movie DVD.

thank you

If you have a video DVD in the slot, this is a correct message. Just click through it.

If you try 1791 with the Nav disc, you won't see anything.
Additional information on service code 1791

My thanks to Mr. XLR and Eyedoc for your resposnes.

The NAV DVD works fine as designed. Additionally, I can view a video DVD when in park. I was attempting to play a video DVD while the vehicle was not in park. Of course I can hear the audio track, but I received the previously stated error message after entering the "service code" while the video DVD was inserted. When I get home this evening I will try to "click through it" as suggested by Eyedoc.
Make sure you are doing this while the engine is running and the vehicle is in park. Then implement the code, take it out of park and you should still have the picture. They may have already changed the code.
Service Code Works

Followed everyone's suggestions and can now play the video DVD when vehicle is out of park. Not sure I will ever do this while driving, but it is nice to know I can. Thanks everyone and Happy New Year! :lurk
Could you call me up if you decide to do this. That way I can stay home that day.
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