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Dualdisk and XLR

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Dualdisc and XLR

In the remote corners of the Audio Universe, a new type of audio/video disc has been released. It is called a "DualDisc". The name comes from the disc having a DVD side and an opposite audio side. This other side is supposed to be the equivalent of a CD, so that the disc can be played in DVD and CD players (much like a hybrid SACD can be played in a CD and SACD player) depending upon which side is used.

However, a number of consumer electronics manufacturers have posted statements/warnings concerning these new discs. Since the CD side does not actually meet all of the CD specifications, there could be problems with some players. The DualDisc manufacturers are prohibited from using the CD logo because of the incompatibilities. Also the discs have been said to be slightly thicker than a standard CD, which could cause problems in some changers.

Given the way the CD changer on the XLR works and that even CD-Rs can have a problem in the XLR, I thought I would pass along the warnings about DualDiscs. I think there are only two DualDisc titles released so far, but I didn't want someone to become the first to find out that these discs don't function the same as CDs in their XLR.

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I just want to beat this horse one more time. This way we all have something to reference for future disc problems...

A number of manufacturers have now issued warnings about DualDisc. I am not sure who manufacturers the CD changer or DVD player in the XLR, but below is the Toshiba warning which sums things up appropriately. This should be applicable to all manufactures. This summary was provided by High Resolution Audio,

"Toshiba has become aware of a new multimedia, dual-sided disc format called "DualDisc", that was recently introduced by several music industry companies.

The DVD side of the DualDisc format contains DVD content, which may include music videos, artist interviews, DVD-Audio content, etc. The "audio" side of the DualDisc format does not bear the "CD" logo, nor does it conform to the Compact Disc Digital Audio specification.

Toshiba DVD players are designed to play, and will play, the vast majority of professionally authored DVDs and CDs. However, no amount of testing will guarantee that all DVDs and CDs, including those discs in the new DualDisc format, will play in all Toshiba DVD players. As such, DVD video content found on the DVD side of a DualDisc may not be read by a Toshiba DVD player, and DVD-Audio content found on the DVD side of a DualDisc may not be read by a Toshiba DVD/DVD-Audio player. Additionally, because the "audio" side of the DualDisc does not conform to the Compact Disc Digital Audio specification, Toshiba cannot make any claims as to compatibility regarding playback of audio content found on the "audio" side of the DualDisc format."

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