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DSP Settings

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I am having trouble with the DSP settings. ON XM Radio, they do not "stick" after you have set them. For all of the other modalities (regular radio, CD, DVD), the DSP setting stay where they are set. But, with the XM stations, everytime you change, or restart the car, the DSP settings have returned to "Off".

Anyone else having this problem?

I have looked in the manual, but not much help.
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my stick once i set the channel in the memory per the manual--have not had your problem--how r u setting the memory?
Eyedoc, not sure if you already figured this out, but I'll bet you were expecting the settings to be saved for everything once you saved them once. This is not the way the XLR works.

The XLR gives you more options. In the XLR's Nav/Radio each preset saves a different DSP setting. So, everytime you save a pre-set the current DSP and Sound settings are saved for *that* channel only. It is a pain the first time, but afterwards it is nice being able to tailor the settings to the specific channel.
Got it

Thanks, I'll try re-saving each channel.

But it does seem that FM and CD's save the DSP settings without saving. GUess its the difference with the XM that threw me.

Hey, I just got the real license plates, haven't had it a month yet. Still learning.
If it will make you feel any better I knew this and then forgot about it when my wife and I finally put her settings into the XLR. It really had me confused for about half an hour...
Driver 2

I don't have a second driver often. Are there separate DSP and memory station settings for each driver?
Yes, many of the settings are separate for the second driver - even the air conditioning settings. It is a very well thought-out car but very funny when you accidentally grab the second fob. Kind of a, "what is going on?!?!?" feeling.
Personalization Settings

Regarding to the settings, When I have a client that will seldom use the second remote I program ALL the settings from radio Chanels to exit and seat settings the same for Driver 1 & Driver 2. This way there is no confusion or concern when the seat goes to an unusual position, or the radio screams out at you because it will remember the last volume control setting.

The trick is to make sure you realize that you are on driver 1 or driver 2 by looking at the "DIC" driver information center when starting the car. If you accendently grabbed the other remote, simply depress the correct memory button on the fron left edge of the driver seat.

Thank You

Is there a common list somewhere of all the settings that will sync up to an individual driver? I am sure it could be done in just a small table, like:

Radio Presets
Radio Volume
... whatever else

Good idea?
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