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Drivers Door Won't Close

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I have a 2008 XLR, and the drives door will not close. I have no idea where to start. The Latch on the body of the car, will catch if manually tripped with a screwdriver. The door won't latch. The window moves down and up when attempting to close. Thanks, in advance.
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You might check the emergency pull handle down next to ThE seat and make sure its not up preventing the latch from working. Make sure the door striker is tight . does the door go to the closed position and body alignment but just does not stay latched?
I would also check emergency latch make sure nothing is keeping up. I had to replace the touch pads outside. There very easy to do. I have I interchange the doors just to check it. Probably not but one of the gentleman who started the Xlr program advised me to always disconnect the battery first and reconnect before replacing any components.
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I agree with the above open the trunk and the little door on the left wall two cable one for gas other is for door.
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