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Drivable in Winter?

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Hey guys, just signed up on the forum, nice to meet ya'll :)

Anyways, wanted to ask you experts a question. I am debating
on getting an XLR. I currently have a BMW-M3 (which I never drove in winter
and can't due to terrible snow/ice handling). I am interested in giving it in
as a trade in for an XLR. My question being, is the XLR O.K. to drive in winter?
Keeping in mind I am from Montreal, where we get alot of snow.

Thanks for your input!

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Is it Good? Well that depends on what you compare it to. Compared to my Hummer H2, the answer is no. However, I can say that on fairly flat ground is does much better than the BMW I use to have. If winter weather is a big factor, I would highly reccommend a more aggressive tire. That said, I think that you will find it acceptable in most conditions.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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