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Door Trim Panel Removal:

1) Lower door window.
2) Remove the pull handle plug.
3) Remove the screws behind the pull handle plug.
4) Remove the courtesy lamp from the door.
5) Remove the retaining screw that secures the courtesy lamppocket to teh door trim panel.

Caution: Insert the fastener removal tool between the male fastener, which is attached to the trim panel, and the female retainer, which is in the door. Incorrectly inserting the tool between the head of the female retainer and the door will break the fasteners.

6) For better visibility of the fasteners, start by prying out the fastener at the rear of the trim panel that is approx 2" up from the trim panel seam.
7) Lift the trim panel up off the upper retainers and reposition the panel by the door.
8) Disconnect the harness connector.
9) Remove the trim panel.
10) Remove any trim panel retainers that remained on the door and place in the door trim panel.


1) Attach the harness connector.
2) Position the door panel at the top, engaging the upper retainer.
3) Align all the side and lower fasteners with the retainers in the door.
4) Press the trim panel firmly into place.
5) Install the pull handle screws and tighten to 53 inch/lbs.
6) Install the courtesy lamp screw and tighten to 89 inch/lbs.
7) Install the pull handle plug.

If you don't have a set of plastic trim removal tools, this would be a nice job to have a set. They're cheap, and when used properly, won't mar any surfaces.

CC :)
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