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Does the CD Player Play mp3 files?

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Just wondering if the 6 disk changer plays mp3 files or just plain old cd's. Thanks for any help.
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Thanks for the quick reply magnet.

Bummer :(

So what are the alternatives for using your mp3 player (I have a DELL Digital DJ) with the XLR? My wife's XLR was ordered with the XM player. Any hope, aside from the crappy FM transmitter solutions, of doing this easily?

For some reason, 5+ (7+?) year old MP3 technology is considered unimportant or too new and too high tech for the XLR, even tho it would expand the CD changer from 6 albums to 60 albums (who would want that?).

As I've said before, I'd trade the useless voice recognition system for the ability to play mp3's in one second.

Of course to upgrade the CD changer would be difficult, if not impossible with all of the computer integration of components...

I'm sure we can count on Cadillac & GM to engineer a replacement module for a few hundred dollars to enable MP3 capability (yeah, right!!!). If you believe that, I've got an excellent, VERY profitable bridge for sale, it goes from Manhattan to Brooklyn--just email me if you are interested.

I wonder if the Viper RT-10 or the Ford GT40 (my Feb 08' XLR replacement????) will play an MP3. By then it will HAVE to be standard equipment on any car over $30K (unless the music companies own the car companies :) .

Annoying as it is, I still love my XLR--4 days till' Spring in NY, Yabadabadoo, here comes top-down, 4 wheel drifting weather! :reddevil
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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