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Dirty Feet

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I hve been a collector of cars for over 30 years. Some of the cars I have are 76 Bicentinal Cadillac covertable, a 93 Allante and now a xlr, One of the things I try to do is to keep the carpets as new.
For all you guys with a shale interior I found out the shale rear carpets
of Camero or Firebird fit and look great as a protective throw carpet on the dark grey of the xlr carpets. No big deal but they look great::)
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Thanks for the tip. My wife and I have #25 NM XLR, which has a very ligh cream color interior. My second solution to the dirt problem was to purchase three extra sets of floor mats. My first soluiton was was using same color towels. My third soluiton is yours.


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