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Delivery leadtimes?

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Not sure if I'm doing this correctly. My (my wife's) XLR was built on 2/11/04 and has been sitting there until 3/12/04. My XLR staff person said it was shipped. Does anyone know the delivery leadtime from the factory to the West Coast specifically Tacoma? No one in Tacoma knows!
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Delivery Times

You need to understand some of the key words regarding shipping. An XLR may be considered shipped, but actually only released to the carrier. Even at that point the Roadster is still under the control of the factory & could be pulled back for modifications,updates or QC checks.

Being released to the carrier can be a few days to a few weeks. With quality being the most important aspect Bowling Green WILL NOT release an XLR untill all the release staff has signed off on it.

Once it actually is loaded on a carrier it should only be 5-7 days till it arrives at your dealer.
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