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Dealer ripped me off!

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I went into my local Caddillac dealer back in July and saw my 2004 with 11,000 miles on it on the floor of the used car showroom. A salesman came up who I did not know and told me about the car and the fact that it was a certified used car. The showroom had many banners as well hanging from the ceiling saying certified used cars. I then went back the next month and the car was still on the floor. The salesman I knew started to tell me about the car and I bought it. During the sit down in his office he mentioned it was a certified used car. I take delivery of it onstar gives me my first 3 months of service free because its certified. Now a month later I'm in for service and the service writter tells me the records still show the former owners name and no mention of extended service. I cornered my salesman in the service area who said they were still processing it. Now two and a half months later I call and he tells me where is it written on the order that it is certified? I said I don't know where its written but up until this point it was believed to of been certified. He says it isn't! I figured if the vehilce met the criteria which this car does, had certified vehicle signs all over hanging from the ceiling and was verbally told it was on more than one occasion, didn't know I have to have additional legal wording. He said "besides you won't have it that long anyways". He is right but it enhances its value with the extended warrenty. How would you handle this situation?
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Go straight to Cadillac and then to your states motor vehicle department.

Your dealer and his salesmen are obviously CROOKS

The dealer has to pay Cadillac $1000 for the extended warranty :flag
I would do anything EXCEPT GO TO ANOTHER DEALER when I bought my new one.
Be sure to stop by and show it to them. After all THEY MISUNDERSTOOD if they thought you were going to buy a new one from them.

**** HAPPENS !!!

Uh, what does 'certified used car' mean?
"Certified"....means that the warranty extends to 100,000 miles. Don't think there is any other difference in warranty conditions. :flag
Warrenty 100,000 miles and I believe 6 years full GM factory warrenty.
Finally met with the owner of the dealership. Asked what he could do to make me happy. I told him nothing more than what I was originally lead to believe I had. He said he had to call Caddy and see if they would allow it to be added after the sale. He got back to me and said they would but his cost was $1450. Trying to be a gentleman (Maybe allowing me to be gotten a little) I said I would pay half. Since I did not have anything in writing I felt he ended up being fair and if I did that he knew I was not out to stick it to him. I also figured for $725 to have the warrenty go to 100K and six years (2 beyond the original start date which is 5 more years from now) I could not go wrong. Have not had anything to speak of but I know I can afford this car but not one without warrenty! Plus figured I could always get my 725 out at trade in with the added warrenty. :thumbs
When I purchased my 2004 XLR (used) I was offered the certified used car extended warranty for $1000 which was the dealers cost. :flag
Man sounds like they took a bit out of me again. Well I still didn't over pay. However should of had it to begin with!
It costs the dealer $1000 with GM and about 6 hrs Labor to certify a vehicle.
6 * $65 = $390 .....390+1000 = ~1400
I feel better now.
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