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Corvette (and now XLR) Funfest 9/17-18 '10

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We're doing it again! Paula and I are counting on our XLR friends and new members to join us here in Mattoon and Effingham Illinois for this year's event. I have just secured a Grand Champion Nationally recognized BBQ Champion to prepare Saturrday's feast for us! I did that by modifying his new grill for him by installing custom controlls, gauges, wiring, and other mods.

As last year, we will have limited accomodations available. More if you share!!!

The "activity commitee" will have something special planned so a good time will be had by all. It will be hard to beat last years blindfolded driver test. How about doing that again but using your cars this time? LOL

Should you want a hotel room, BOOK IT NOW! The corvette show will fill all of them in a 75 mile radius from here. I can get you hotel phone numbers if needed.

Nick has been promoted to fireworks marshall!

Please RSVP

Bob & Paula
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