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Corsa Exhaust System

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I Just Got My Corsa Exhaust System Installed Today And I Strongly Recommend Them To Anyone Who Wants To Have Their Xlr Standout Even More Than It Did. The System Has A Nice Sound And A Very Noticable Boost In Power. I Feel Like I'm Driving A Different Car!
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Are there an downsides such as a drone at highway speeds?

I've found that in general whenever I switch out an exhaust it has some bad effects, such as a nasty drone from 1700-2200rpm on my old Mustang, significantly louder exhaust at freeway speeds on my MZ3 (totally livable), etc...
Just Installed

Just picked up my car after having the Corsa exhaust installed. To say the least the sound is GREAT not overpowering. It has performance sound and no drone at hwy speed. You get the best sound when you punch the throttle. :party
Where does one acquire the Corsa exhaust system?
you can order direct from Corsa or your GM dealer $1599.00 and freight.
Would you post a couple of pictures of your Corsa exhaust?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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