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Corsa Exhaust Is Ready

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For Those Interested, Corsa Exhaust Now Has There Product For Our Xlr's. If Your Interested Contact Bob Flores At Corsa Performance. The Price Is $1599.99 Plus Applicable Freight. The Word Is That It's Awesome! My Set Is On The Way. Good Luck
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:lurk I really don't care much for the stock sound.

Let us know!
That is great to hear. We just got our XLR Sunday and the exaust is the one thing I would like to change. We have two Vipers with the Corsa exaust and like them very much. I went to the Corsa web site hoping they had a system for the XLR but didn't see one. I knew they had them for the STS so I was hopefull. May have to wait untill the money goes out for the tags and taxes to see if I can do it but it will be on the short list of things to get for this great little car!

Borla Exhaust did a prototype on my car early last year, but were unable to develop enough interest to put it into production. They spent ALOT of time and $$ on R&D, not only for an excellent sound, but picked up some extra HP as well :thumbs
Makes my XLR sound as good as it looks,
Corsa sould be able to deliver the same :cheers

I wonder how they investigated "interest".

Sometimes you have to market something (at least in a test environment) to see if it flies.

There seemed to be quite a bit of interest on this website. As long as its not as pricey as the enhaust tips (realtively).
Eyedoc said:
I wonder how they investigated "interest".
could not get a distributor to step in for the necessary
minimum production run
ordered mine

Just left my dealer and ordered my Corsa exhaust system. The systems are built as ordered, was told will take approx 3 days after receipt of the order to build and another 3-4 day ship time. :cool :cool
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