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Controlling top from fob

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XLR 02672 arrived at dealer and was checked out during prep.

Dealer was kind enough to turn over manuals for perusal over weekend.

Noted that there seems to be no mention of raising/lowering of top from fob.

I had thought this was a feature on cars I've seen. Does anyone know if it was added after publication of manual?

I seem to recall it functioned by constantly depressing one of the fob buttons.

Has there been an addendum to manual?
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Just another not along Allen's line of thinking.

The trunk really raised up high when it opens, by itself or as part of top lowering.

You need to be careful when "demo-ing". I did it in the garage where I park, and the trunk cleared a sprinkler pipe by a whole 2 inches.

If you had a remote and could do it around the corner as Allen mentioned, you might get a nasty surprise.

Is there any way to stop the trunk in mid-stream, if you notice too late that iot is going to hit something overhead? Like a garage door coming door, that can be stopped.
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