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Conclusive PROOF that XLR isn't using a Chevy smallblock!

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Have you taken a good look at the photos of the XLR engine bay?

The oil filler is on the left side of the engine.

Corvette's engine is on the right side.

They can't possibly be the same engine.

There you have it.

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Well Darling, you are comparing it to a C5 engine not a C6 Gen IV engine this is your BIG mistake. By the way the Gen IV engine will stay a 5.7 not a 6.0 as you have been saying. :thumbs Jinx honey, are you blonde by chance?


Is that the latest of your forty-two fantasies?
Nope, been there done that...:yesnod Fanta C 4 2 is a Lic Plate that goes back to my Allante' days now its on one of my Vettes. I have many more FantaCs then just 42 :thumbs
Fanta Fanta Fanta, do you ever learn? You wil argue to the death:rolleyes
Well, he hasn't figured out the point of this thread...
hehehe guess you didn't hear what I said either!
Nope, you still don't get it. But it's fun to watch you try.
Jinx said:
Nope, you still don't get it. But it's fun to watch you try.
:iagree I love to listen to people telling me what they "know" and then I laugh when they are proven wrong:reddevil
Yes, we will.

The difference is that we'll recognize and understand what we see.
I have to be at the BG plant on April 2nd they will be running some 04 pilot cars and a couple C6 mules for line configuration setup between April 1st and the 11th I'll be seeing the Gen IV in production setup. They are the same motor sans the heads. :party
As an executive might say in his report to the board of directors, it is strong and promotes growth.
The XLR uses a re-engineered 4.6L Northstar engine. The new 4.6L Northstar delivers approximately 320 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 310 lbs.-ft torque at 4,400 rpm. This next generation Northstar engine also includes the addition of electronic throttle control, variable valve timing, and a close-coupled catalytic converter system.:eek:
This subject is like beating a dead still can't rely on it

I'm sorry but if you confuse the 5.7 Liter Corvette engine with a 4.6 Northstar, then you are in the wrong business.:banghead

I think Lady Phoenix grasps this concept well. Also she knows her engines! SCORE!!! :party
Fanta, how can you be so wrong all of the time? The XLR uses a modified Northstar. The C6 engine will be 6.0 liters.
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