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Come On, Speak Up!

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Every time I log into this board to read and post, I invariably see more lurkers than members. It's time to get more people involved, so all of you lurkers, sign up so you can post! We want to hear from you!

Click the register button above and join the in crowd!
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Although I'm quite new to your site, I appreciate the dialogue and admire XLR's immensely, but for me, the cost of an XLR prohibits me from being an owner. My cars are a 2003 CTS Sport Option model and a 2001 SLS. Initially, I replied to your board in response to the 'XLR Club?' topic in the General Discussion. It's really great that many members of this board post pictures in response to inquiries or topics discussed. I've only seen in person an XLR loaned to my dealer for the 2004 model introduction as it drove away (with Michigan manufacturer's license plates)--I had been detained at work that Saturday, and arrived too late to closely inspect it, but I did manage to drive out and follow it for about ten miles--it looked great! (It's color was Nickel with Shale leather, and it looked much better in person than any pictures I have seen of the car.)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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