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Anybody heard of any new color offerings for the V????


I"m hoping for a yellow....otherwise I'm staying Crimson
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Me too on the Crimson, but I would do yellow if they didn't make it to gaudy. This car doesn't need that. I sure hope they don't do black & silver like the one from Lund Cadillac. See how easy the color can make it or break it?
XLR-V Colors

Let me just say, Yes, No & No Way!

only 45 days until announcement!

Thank you
Let's get this right. It's Way, No, & No Way, I think yellow belongs to the Stalion from Italy and the Vette.
Thanks Allen...
So we have a new color, not yellow and definatly not two tone.

Is the new color exclusive to the V??:rolleyes
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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