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Has anyone seen the blue in person yet. Some photos look great, but it doesnt look so hot on the caddy website. Any thougts?

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I believe the Caddy web site is just color overlays. If you look at the interior colors and switch to shale, you'll see the car changes to one shade rather than the two shades it should.

Digital photos are another problem since depending on your monitor setting and how the photo was scanned or taken, the colors may be inaccurate.

Unfortunately, seeing in person is probably the only way to know for sure.
I saw black at the Los Angeles Car show and Silver Nickel at a consumer research thing I attended. These were both pre-production cars. The black was, well, black. The Silver Nickel has a sort of gold tone to it. The important thing here is the color on the Cadillac Web site is not the same as the color I saw on the pre-production car. So the Web site is just an indication, not a good representation.
I just realized that my dealer has large color swatches in this giant brochure-like display, not to be confused with the brochures they give away, which also has color swatches. The swatches in the regular brochure are small (apx. 1/2 inch by 2 inches) but the swatches in the big display are about 2 inches by 2 inches or so. This will be much better than what any photograph can reproduce.

So go by your dealer, pick up a brochure and check out the large display book. That should help but, of course, it's not like seeing the actual car in the color.
dewey said:
Has anyone seen the blue in person yet. Some photos look great, but it doesnt look so hot on the caddy website. Any thougts?

Here is a picture of the Xenon at Steve Foley Cadillac, I have had many of my clients change there order to Xenon
That is a great picture for showing off the Xenon blue. Was that a pre-production or production XLR?
The Crimson Pearl does not seem to show up on all GM web sites. Is this color restricted? Thanks.
There were some nice shots of a pre-production model in Crimson Pearl in this forum. I believe from my vague memory that it was at an autoshow in Ohio.

As far as I know it isn't resticted. Probably the photographer didn't have access to one during pre-production when the photos were taken.
Thanks for the info about Crimson Pearl. This color is not shown as being available on the GM of Canada web site. It sounds like they have it at the plant; which is what counts!

My XLR was delivered to the dealer today and I actually saw it unloaded from the carrier. After a lot of aggravation, it was terrific to see.:thumbs

paul, cant wait to here how a heavy guy fits in this car. Let us know asap. Congrats on a long wait being over.
Congratulations Paul!

It will be worth the wait! What color is your's again?

:party :party
I am the owner of a Black with Shale interior.

Closed today and will actually take delivery on Monday morning (going out of town for weekend.)

It really looks great. To me, the car looks like it is moving while standing still:)

My dealer got a Black/Shale last Friday. Nice.. the black gets really shiny.

Anyone seen any other colors delivered to dealers other than violet and black yet?
I saw the red. Frankly, didn't like it. It looked like a color that "missed." Not glowing like you expect a red to be

BTW, a pleasingly plump guy does fit! :angel
Paul44 VIN Number


What is your VIN Number, I am trying to figure out when my car VIN Number 400 will be arriving.


Dick Shonk
My VIN ends in 00513 and I've had my car for more than a month. Could your Vin be 01400?
Based on this append and some others I got curious about VINs versus deliveries.

The Neiman Marcus editions were all delivered about the same time, with the lower NM numbers being delivered first (roughly).

If you look at the NM numbers on EBay versus the VIN, they are not sequential. For example NM #2 was VIN 416, while NM #59 was VIN 527. So, 57 difference NM numbers was 111 difference in VINs.

Unfortunately, it looks like VINs are not sequential and therefore may not be a good indicator of delivery dates (despite what I may have written earlier). Sorry!
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