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Clicking noise

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When I get into my XLR and depress the brake I hear a clicking noise. I also hear this noise when you depress the start button ACC mode. Do other owners have the same problem clicking noise

Who else has this problem as if GM is listening is this normal?
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The clicking noise you describe is the Anti-theft system scanning for your key fob. The same noise can be heard anytime you press the pads on the trunk or doors, but since you're outside the vehicle, you can't hear them. (If you want to try it, put your top down, turn off the engine, then get out and try to open the trunk without the fob nearby.)

If you have any other questions, I'll try my best to answer them. I am a Cadillac dealer who has attended both the technical college and ride+drive events with Cadillac, so hopefully I can be of some assistance on this board.

Oh, so you have one of those XLR pins... Wanna sell it for $10?
Tony P

Since you've been through the schools, maybe you would know about the XM radio add on for a dopey like me who didn't order one when he should have.

Can I add one on now through my existing radio?

Heh heh.... No, I'm hanging on to the goodies I got in Vegas. Hat, name badge, shirt, pin, etc... They're great keepsakes of the experience.

As far as your XM, ALL of the XLR's arrive with the XM hardware in the trunk, the only difference between paying the 325 or not is getting a color-keyed antenna. If your vehicle did not come with the XM option, your car still arrived with a brown box in the trunk containing the antenna and mounting plate, plus instructions for the dealer to install it.

Call your dealer.
Don't forget the XM Radio receiver module that connects to the head unit (the radio/nav system). I believe that is only included with the option code.
To expand on what Tony P said, clicking noises that only cycle once or twice are usually due to a relay (an electronic switch that connects one circuit when another circuit is also connected.)
Tony P

Called my dealer and he said that because mine was one of early XLR's did not come with "box" in trunk for XM radio. Would car still be prewired?
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