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Chemical Odor

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I took delivery of my 2005 about 5 weeks ago and noticed then that there was a chemical odor in the rear luggage compartment.It smells somewhat like glue.
Over these weeks I have let the rear lid stand open a great deal thinking the odor would go away. Instead, the odor is now noticeable in the cabin of the car.
Has anyone had a similar problem and,if so, what did you do to correct it.
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That's a new one. Not seen a single post here on that, and I've been around this Forum for a very long time -- like two years.

Have you contacted your Cadillac Personal Assistant?
jackewells said:
Thanks for the advise.
When you say Cadillac Personal Assistant do you mean the dealer?...Jack
If you go the Cadillac Web site, you can get a (Corporate) Personal Assistant assigned who you will be able to contact via e-mail or phone. The can answer questions, do research, etc. People on this board have had mixed results with them, but my experience has been very positive.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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