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Cant belive I finally got a 05 xlr

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hello out there i was wondering If any one could tell me where and how much a new grill would cost that would be great im a new member and i just got my car on today Aug 15 and i love it i really love it i really didnt get a chance to drive it because the dealer gave me a wrong tag so im waiting till tomorrow to go to the DMV anyway i would like to start talking to people about thr xlr and just enoyu the car thanks again hope to talk to you all soon :seeya
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hi its me again also i was wondering the best way to hard wire my ipod to my car?
Congrates on the new baby...........I call mine My "Dream Machine". Just came back from Bowling Green and had a nice tour of the plant.
Everyone is very knowledgable on this site and some have the new grill and will probably answer you questions, in fact by going through the posts, you will probably find out a lot about your car.
Bob (Good Luck)

jshaps said:
hi its me again also i was wondering the best way to hard wire my ipod to my car?
thanks alot bob um if u have anything else u would want to tell me go right ahead thanks for the reply talk to you soon
by the way the code for the dvd player works perfect
First to go is short term memory...................I forgot the sequence to put in my code...................HELP
jshaps said:
by the way the code for the dvd player works perfect
yo press the button that looks like a note for 3 sec then type in 1790 the enter and thats it good luck
Congrats!!!! Enjoy but be prepared for people to react.
Your right it is 1791 but it's the sequence to put the code in, in order to get it to work
bumbleent said:
I thought it was 1791.
New Grille

Welcome aboard.
Check previous thread of mine on Strut Grilles.
You should be able to get both upper and lower for under 2 grand.
If you get the lower grille, understand that you won't be able to use the adaptive cruise control, unless GM changed it from the 04 models.
Since the Strut gille is metal, the radar signals get confused and tend to apply brakes when you don't want them.
Since I don't use the cruise control ever, it was an easy choice for me.
On the other hand, some folks like it, so understand, it's a trade-off between aesthetics and function.
hey thanks alot for all the feed back i was driving today and some guy goes to be i have never seen this car out before and i was like ya i know its a concept it was really funny and he beilved me but thats the story of the day :puke
standby said:
Your right it is 1791 but it's the sequence to put the code in, in order to get it to work


Sorry I may have missed something, but what is the code for? Does it have something to do with getting the DVD player to work while the car is in DRIVE rather than only in park??

Here is some more info on some things you may want to add to your new XLR:

1) Custom floor mats: I got these mats for both my XLR and my SRX. The material is far better than the factory mats. The XLR mats even have the floor clips to keep them from moving around. They also have the Cadillac crest in assorted factory colors. These cost about $130, but are worth the money. They look and feel great. Go to:

2) Chrome Wheels: There are two chrome wheels for the XLR (both are supposed to accomodate the run flats). I got the Vogue Speedster 18" chromes. They look great and cost about $3,000 installed. These are actually made by Foose. Mine do not have the Cadillac crest in the center. Go to:

Another very nice looking chrome wheel for the XLR is sold by Lund Cadillac. I spoke to them and they said it would work with the run flats. I think the price is about the same (about $3,000) Go to:

3) Corsa exhaust: I do not have this on my XLR yet. I am waiting to see the XLR-V and if it is worth the extra money (??). If not, then I will put the Corsa exhaust on my car -- probably next spring (I live in the northeast and the XLR will spend alot of time in the garage when the weather turns bad). The following site reflects the best price I have seen for the Corsa on the XLR. The price is $1,379.99 (INCLUDING SHIPPING). Go to:

I also got a wind baffle (plexiglass) and it only works modestly to stifle the wind when the top is down. It was pretty expensive (I think close to $200). At night, you will get glare and reflection off the plexigass that is very anoying until you really get used to it. I don't really recomend it. Maybe someone will come up with a screen windbaffle which won't have the glare and reflection. It can be a problem. I think the site is:

I hope these little "extras" are helpful and give you some ideas on how to make your car "special". I have had lots of sports cars in the past (XK8, vettes, maserati, porches, etc.) and driven just about every exotic including Ferrari's, aston martins, and MB SL's. My XLR is better than most and as good as the best. --- generally for less money and more reliability. It is not a rocket and is not glued to the road, but for a very comfortable, powerful, good looking sports car .... it just doesn't get much better.

RDH, thanks for the cheat sheet of links for upgrades. I really appreciate it. This might be a great idea for a thread. Links for XLR mods. They are not that common so having this info really saves a lot of time. I remember the Tbird page I used to be active on, it had links to all kinds of things including luggage, detail kits, etc. all with the tbird logo. The 2005 Mustang web site even offered discounts if you were a member of the web page. Lets keep it up and maybe the web master can make this a thread linking to XLR stuff.
Upstate: You are welcome. Enjoy the new car...
04 only...........There are previous threads on this subject, but the short of it is.........take you Nav disc out and put in a dvd. press and hold the button above the on/off button for 3 seconds and a diagnostic screen will appear. put the code in and press enter. You now can take the car out of park and still see the screen.

We used this on the way back east and neither of us cheated by watching or trying to look. Ya just got enough to do at 95 miles an hour withoout watching a DVD, or for any speed for that matter.

RDH said:

Sorry I may have missed something, but what is the code for? Does it have something to do with getting the DVD player to work while the car is in DRIVE rather than only in park??
Pound for pound, the best value for your dollar


AC/DC belts out a wicked song that goes: For those about to Rock, We Salute You.

Well For those who love the XLR, I salute you.

And with that begins my very first post on XLR forum.

I've owned my XLR since July 21 2004. We recently celebrated our one year anniversary together :lol , and i gotta tell you, people still give me as many stares and complements as the first day I got her (my XLR that is). The fact that it is one of very few in Montreal and I'm the only one under sixty from all the other owners I've met, makes it an extremely rare item when cruising through the downtown party circuit.

When the Formula One Grand Prix was here in the begining of June, my Xenon Blue XLR with its shale interior got up front Valet Parking at all the fancy clubs and Restaurants alongside The Ferraris and Lambos. All MB SL's, Porshes and Bimmers where driven away by the valet attendants into the parking lot. The XLR was left in front for all to see.

I gotta admit, it makes a man feel good. Boys and their toys...

I've been visiting this site for a while now but only registered today. And I want to thank everyone on the site for some very helpful information throughout. I've learned alot and can teach everyone else a thing or two when it comes to repairs and diagnostics. Speaking from experience, I now tell the Mechanics what the problem is as opposed to them telling me.

So Maybe I've had one too many visits to the dealership for repairs, what first year model car hasn't? And with all the technology that went in this baby, There were bound to be some defaults. But myself and all the 04 and 05 model owners are pioneers. Well, we're also guiney pigs for GM to iron out all the faults for Future XLR owners to enjoy. The point is: (continued on next post)
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the point is:

For a car that has :

320 hp from a 4.6 lt, 0 to 60 in 5.6 sec, retractable hard top, touch screen CD/DVD/Navigation, AM/FM/XM/Weatherband, the most powerful "stock" sound system with built in subwoofer in any factory vehicule worldwide, Heads up hologram display, built in phone with it's own number, heated and cooled seats, tire pressure monitor, satelite fed emergency diagnostics system through Onstar, Keyless remote sensor/ push button ignition, smoothest magnetic ride suspension, shall I go On?....... Not to mention how damned good looking she is....

And all that for less than any MB SL, Ferrari, Lambo, Porshe, Bimmer.

As for the horsepower issue, GM already has engines whith more HP, but who would have thought that performance enthousiasts, young party animals and even celebrities would jump on a car designed for a middle aged/ mid life crisis (for those who are going through one: more power to you) crowd. And the more un-usable horsepower you have under the hood does not determine the size or stamina of your...

When those above mentioned manufacturers come out with a car that includes ALL those luxurious features like the XLR, as opposed to just charging more for a lot of extra horsepower that we will never use, then maybe I'll think of "upgrading". But as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't get much better than this.

For those who love the XLR... I Salute you.
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where in the car is the sub i have no clue
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