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Can Navi DVD be copied?

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Wondering if anyone knows or is willing to copy there DVD navigation disk? :reddevil

The newest version is 5.0 GM part number 15798916. I would be just as happy with version 4.0.

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I'd be happy to but this may be infringing on copy-writes here. Can anyone shed some light on this?
Grand theft auto (GPS)

Copying a DVD is most certainly copyright infringement.
And that's theft, pure and simple.

So how does it hurt anyone, you ask? :confused

If you remove the incentive for people to make money selling something, it eventually will just go away. :eek

Q: Ever wonder why sixties music is so much better than the retreads and junk you hear today?

A: Too many artists chasing too few dollars.

Economics 101
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OK, I don't think I would do good in jail or would like paying a big fine.
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