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Break-In Period

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The manual says to keep the car under 55 for the first 500 miles. Taking the Turnpike to work I am having trouble keeping it under 70. Most people drive at 80 or 90. I only have 160 miles on my car. Did all of you baby your car in the beginning?
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This is the same break-in that has been recommended for years.

I don't have that much freeway driving around DC, so I didn't keep it to 55.

The only thing I did for the first 500 was to not try "too many" hard accelerations or braking.

I have heard that the braking part is mnore improtant to get the brakes "seated".

I wonder if there are actual studies that show any difference when breaking a new car in?
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I think the most widely accepted style of driving during break-in is to not maintain steady speeds for prolonged periods and keep the "hard braking" to a minimum.

I've owned and broken in several Ford SVT products including two 2nd generation Lightnings and two Cobras. I drove them all hard straight from the dealer, however I always varied my cruising speed for the first few hundred miles and never accelerated hard unless I had plenty of room to slow down without riding the brakes.

Also keep in mind our motor is running a total synthetic oil for lubrication. In most applications where synthetics are involved, the break-in period is not as critical.
after buying my XLR, I drove like I stole it. have 15,000 miles it and great gas mileage and no brake squeal. only six months old.
BUDSVET - Any issues with the top operation up/down?
NO. the car has preformed like it should in every way with the exception of the seat belt signal which turned out to be a bad ground with seat belt receptible . I use the top on a daily basis and at times I am parked on a slope or not level.
BUDSVET - sounds like you got a well made car - I am using a Crimson Pearl Loner until my car gets fixed - no problems with that top since I started driving it.
Loaner XLR

Boy have you got a great DEALER. A loaner XLR. My dealer gave me a Deville
Me too

Yeah, I got a Deville too (the only "Grody" Cadillac, all the other models are pretty kewl to drive).

How many Caddys did you have to get to get that kind of treatment?
And I got a CTS...

...most of the time. Seems I got a DeVille on one accasion. But an XLR? You've got something going on there.

DeVille groady? It's not so bad. I just drove one (owned by Avis) for 5 days tooling around Western North Carolina. Not a bad rent car. (that could be its biggest problem - too many 15K rent ex-rent cars on the market)

Only squalk: its hard to get in and out of it. I liked the old (bigger) body style better.

I suppose the DTS is OK. Not going to find a place in my garage, however.
Break In Period

If there is one bit of advice I could pass along, DO Not do any Jack Rabbit starts(Full Throttle) for the first 500 miles on the XLR. That is STRONGLY advised for the correct seating of the rear end gears.

Thank You
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