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Bowling Green trip

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Have any arrangements been finalized for the August trip to Bowling Green to visit the plant and NCM? Need to know the confirmed dates and arrangements for meeting up with other groups from other states. I'm hoping to have a group from Florida caravan up and it would be great to join others on the way. Also need hotel info. It had been mentioned last month that the info would become available after the holidays. Will we be able to tour the plant and visit the NCM while there? Let us know soon...Thanks, Bill (ocool)
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Jim is probably still shoveling snow. looks like they are getting it again. I'm sure he will have specific hotel info up later but this is what he last posted.

The planned itinerary at this time is to come to BG on Thurdsday and have a party that night. On Friday 8/17 we have the factory tour scheduled at 10 am. We will also visit the Corvette Museum that day. On Sat. we will do a park n shine at the hotel. We will depart for home on Sun am.
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