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I'll let you everyone know if the Cadillac XLR email system works. I already have registered my order number so they should be sending me emails as the XLR goes throught the various stages on assembly.

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Did you do the personal advisor thing? It works they get back to you pretty quick. They already told me my car was to be completed on 10/20. It really is a great service so far.:cheers
NO I haven't--yet.

I was working through the dealer and hoping to see the email status update system work first. BUT I just may end up with the car like everyone else before the emails show up.

My production start date is supposed to be 10/28 with a 11/17 delivery in Jacksonville, FL.

Personal Advisor Service

I registered for the Personal Advisor but have received no reply. Anyone know how long they normally take to respond?

I had a construction date of 10/13 for my Crimson Pearl XLR and would like to know approximate delivery date. This time in Ohio my only "top down" experience will be in the garage pretty soon!
I almost always here back from the PA within 24-48 hours.
Never did receive a reply from Personal Advisor but did get word of projected delivery of my car to my dealer on 11/6 so am satisfied with that!
For your sake, hope it happens. I'm still "in limbo.":puke
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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