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Blue Tooth Compatible

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:cry I need to know if the 2005 XLR will have blue tooth compatiblity with cell phones
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And lose their ill-conceived but precious OnStar phone revenues?
Blue tooth

I just bought a 2005 Chrysler 300 c that has this techonology. I got a Motorola
v600 cell phone and I am learning how to us it, It is fantastic product. I believe all cars will be cominjg out with this option, but probably not G M. I have five Cadillacs and three of them have On Star including my XLR. Ihave let the On Star expire on the first two and will let it expire on the XLR when it runs out.
Chrysler has a better and cheaper mouse trap than theilr competition. My car with a Hemi motor and every option offered by Chrysler listed at 38,500. Almost 25,000 cheaper than a new D T S.Yuo should see the navigation on this car, its better and simpler than on the XLR--I can't figure how to use the Cadillac navigation very well.
I have never owned a Chrysler car in my life and I am a car collector,but I switched over to this 300c as a business car and feel good about this decision.

I just found out that the new STS will have it. I was just wondering why they didn't offer it on the XLR since it was such a large importance that XLR have everything standard than the competition. I think I will have to check out a Chrysler before I write a check to Caddy

I have been letting my XLR set and driving the Chrysler. It is faster that the xlr
and about $35000 cheaper, Go figure! :nono
Sony Ericsson

I have had a Sony Ericsson P900 smart phone for about 5 months. It is one of the few that was bluetooth earlier this year.

They have a very nice bluetooth handsfree unit that only has a small footprint (1"x3") module that stick to the dash somewhere. It works very well. It recognizes the phone when you turn on the engine and has a nice voice recognition function.

I installed it on another car, and may also do it on the XLR.

Agree that OnStar is lilke the phones on the planes - why would anyone pay that kind of price. They need to learn that lower charges would get them more money in the long run.
Who has the handsfree unit you are referring to? OnStar? Cadillac? Erickson? sorry to be dense.. thanks for the tip though.
Sony Ericsson

The hadnsfree car unti that I use is the one from Sony Ericsson (model HCB-30 Not sure if anyone else makes one. They also make bluetooth earphone type units, I use one of them and it works nice too (HBH-65).

This is another example of technology that is really slow getting to the USA. Everyone in Europe and Asdia has been using it for a year.

It is so amazing how everything is in Euorpe first, however they have been using it in Hong Kong much longer ( no offense to any one of any other nationality)

Did you see the July edition of "OnStar"? There was a small box in the back that indicated we may be able to get a cel phone handset in our OnStar equipped cars soon.

Let's hope...

Before you dis OnStar, Quixotic, listen to this:

My daily driver is a 2002 Mercedes ML 500. It has "M-B TeleAid" which is like OnStar and it also has a regular hands-free cell phone with a removable handset. You MUST buy the phone from M-B. It was an out of date Motorola Star Trac. Cost: $1700. That's not the worst of it.

After two years, the old Star Trac had a bad hoo-hoo, broken antenna, had been dropped, cussed, abused and finally gave up the ghost - like most cel phones eventually do. Back to the dealer. The old handset was no longer available. This time they installed a Motorola V60. Also outdated. Cost: $2000.

I feel abused.
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Yeah, MBZ's cell phone's are absurdly overpriced. I understand the new 2005 STS will be bluetooth compatible. Finally a reasonable solution!
I agree that On Star is a bit expensive and superfluous.
I used it once by mistake when I was trying to figure out the Nav System.

I'm not a techno whiz and into the latest and greatest in comm gear, but
my buddy and I found a pretty simple solution to "hands free" cell phones.

We got Qualcomm 3G CDMA models from Verizon.
These phones have a "driving mode" feature, enabled by pressing a switch on the left side of the phone. Lift the lid and a voice asks for input. Simply state "Contacts" then give the name programmed, ie: "Jack's cell: Voila! it dials and connects hands free.

I mounted mine on my XLR dash, (just to the right of the starter button) using velcro and it works great.
Phone rings, lift the lid and talk.
Best part is, it's about $40.00 a month with no roaming charges.
(I am not affiliated with Verizon.)

This may not be for everyone but it works for me, plus I have velcro mounts in my other Cadillac that fit the same phone.


P.S. My XLR is becoming more like fine wine and fine women: IT GETS BETTER EVERY DAY.
Cadillac deserves credit for some truly refreshing American engineering excellence.
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Have you tried OnStar voice recognition?

For you new folks....

I am a true believer in "hands free" calling while driving. Statistics show that people talking on cell phones have the similar statistics as driving while legally drunk. (And who among us us could doubt that, given the all the weird driving we see on the roads these days.)

I will admit that I do use OnStar for the quickie phone calls that I make while diving. OnStar is more expensive than my cell phone, but the "delta" really is virtually insignificant in the grand scheme of operating the XLR. (No I dont work for them, and this is not a sales pitch) In Texas when talking costs not worth worrying about, we say, "That's like pickin' S*** with the chickens."

OnStar really is like a cell phone. If you havent done it yet, push the white button and at the "OnStar ready" prompt, just say "Dial". The prompt then says "number please", and you speak the number one digit at a time, then say "Dial". Hot OnStar chick then cheerfully says, "Dialing!"

The biggest disadvantage is when you need to dial any additional digits after the phone picks up, like if there is an extension number, or if you are trying to page someone. :(

I've also learned to store and retrieve "nametags" for frequently dialed numbers. Nametags are simply memorized numbers that use a single voice prompt to recall and dial. I think the technology is convenient and cool, the Bride thinks using OnStar for normal calling is a waste of money. We disagree. I guess that why there's chocolate and vanilla. More OnStar minutes for me...
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