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Belt Replacement - Tensioner issue

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I've replaced the thermostat, attempting to resolve an intermittent 'Hot Engine - No AC" issue, and thought it was a good time to also replace the belts. I've got the first two off but the tensioner for the power steering belt won't budge. I've tried using a 15mm wrench on the cast stud and a 1/2" ratchet in the square hole and no luck, it does not move. It seems like tensioner is frozen.

I've looked at these two threads:
.. but didn't see anything other than in the second post it says: "3. Remove tensioner bolt, which will allow you to move belt in/around and out of tensioner position. " That seems like it would be after relieving the tension.

Any tips or tricks to share?

P.S. Long time lurker (reader) and joined to post the question.
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That tensioner has a small shock at the bottom. You need to loosen and take it out. Everything on this auto is a bitch except changing spark plugs. Lol
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