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Beige Goop in Trunk

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Upon wiping down my car from a quick high pressure wash, I riased the trunk to wipe it down--found some beige goop dripping from the left assembly that lifts the trunk up and down into the carpeted trunk area. Will have to have dealer clean since the stuff got real hard immediately and caked onto the carpet.
None noted on right side--anyone experience this or have any ideas what it is?
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Goop In trunk is actually a sealant

The white very sticky "goop" is a sealant that is installed by CTS Car Top Systems the company that makes the Aluminum/magnesium folding hard top for the XLR & the SL 500.

The material is similar to beutyl caulk that is used to hold/seal winshields in place. The material is the secondary water barrier preventing moisture from getting inside the XLR. When CTS Inc. produces the top the White adhesive/sealant may have accidently put a little too much on any given top structure.

To remove the sealant from any surfaces you can use traditional rubbing alcohol. You can clean the surfaces around the weather strips though don't raise them and clean under them. Use the alcohol to clean it off the carpeted area if any has dripped in to the luggage well.
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