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Batteries and the XLR

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With all the electronics on this car and the fact that after 4 weeks of sitting it may not start what does everyone think of the Optima Gell Cell batteries? I have one in the 57 Chevy and even after an entire winter it fires right up. Also like the fact that there is no acid or acid fumes in the engine compartment. Your thoughts???
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It would probably be better than the Delco but I'm not sure it would make it all winter in the XLR. When the Delco exploded in my Eldo I talked the dealer into giving me a credit for the warranty cost of a new Delco and installed an Optima instead.

The XLR-V battery has a rated output 540 amps and I was told that because of the 7(seven) computers on board to be careful changing batterys. Is the gel cell battery the same physical size as the delco?, and does it fit or will it fit in the same tray that comes installed with the car? I will be one of the first to change if I know no damage will be done. Thanks, Tim.
I don't have the answers to those questions that is why I'm putting it out there. Good questions. I would imagine size would not be a problem. I have bought them for 3 cars and they all fit fine.
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