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Autoextremist's Wordgirl on XLR-V

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Worldgirl by Janice J. Putman

I'm not really here this week - I'm on "special assignment" like the note says...but I can't resist penning a few words about the Cadillac XLR-V. (As WordGirl, I also can't resist playing around with ideas for personalized license plates.) Now, first off, I'm a sucker for power, and a 443hp supercharged V8 is perfectly fine with me. Next, I'm lazy when it comes to the idea of working convertible tops, so a push-button power top (not only that, but a push-button hardtop that gives way to a convertible) is a true engineering marvel. We took a mini road trip in the XLR-V last weekend (four hours total - I know, that equals some people's daily commutes), and I found it to be exceptionally comfortable and most important, a tireless performer. This car just wants to go - in much the same way that a V8 Mercedes does. The XLR-V offers that somewhat elusive combination of power and luxury - it is sleek and elegant (and much more spacious than you would think), and it has power to spare. The biggest leap of faith here is the one that continues to plague Detroit - not really a leap of faith but a truly nagging problem - when you're spending this kind of money for a car (the XLR-V came in at $100,000.00 - I love that!), you're buying more than a way to get to Morton's and Costco and this weekend's fireworks show - you're wearing your brains and your heart and your wallet on your sleeve. Are you ready to abandon Mercedes and BMW and Porsche for Cadillac? Personally, I can't shake Mercedes. No question, the brand is not what it used to be, but they still have me seduced. On paper, it makes no sense - unless you're talking about the SL55 AMG, there is no comparison between the 'regular' SL550 and the XLR-V. But this isn't about numbers - it's about heart and soul. And when it comes to that, I'm still in the Mercedes camp. After a weekend in the XLR-V, however, I've decided to leave the tent partially unzipped.
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Great posts !
I was an SL55 owner who has switched to a XLR-v. I did so thinking it would represent a sacrifice. It isn't . It is a change laterally not a step down in any sense. I believe that Cadillac has given us a lovely and potent touring car with style and cojones aplenty.

I also own a new Corvette convert and a BMW Z8 and prefer the XLR-v over all of them.

The SL 55 was great but I had many quality issues with mine. Granted it was one of the first but there were problems.
I have come to believe that for many of us a car is not only a badge but a preconceived notion. We expect Mercede's to be better. Currently the finest car I own is my 06 Cadillac sts-4. It damn close to perfect in every respect for me and that is the only qualifier .Others may need something else but that's OK so long as we have the choice its all good.
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