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Ashtray pictures

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Ash Tray - So-What


Get rid of the cigs. It can be done and it's better for you and it makes for a longer life not to mention a longer enjoyment of our new vehicles. I am saying this in light of being a better than a 25 year smoker. So!, Stop and enjoy a much longer and enjoyable life not to mention a great smell of life.

Sorry for being the bad guy bu the cigs are very, very, very bad news.

I feel so much, very, very, very better without than with!!!!!!!!!!!

:lol I don't smoke!

Those pictures were provided to me by a contact at GM. :cheers:
Hi Folks,

I apologize for the anit-smoking sermon. But I can resist the telling you that the new car smell lasts longer in a non-smoker car. And, that's why I didn't smoke in my cars. Being a big car nut.

Best Wishes to All,

Ash tray Photo

Nice photo of the ash tray, But it is not an XLR Ash Tray. It is the same as the one on my 1990 ZR1 Vett. I wrote about few weeks ago.

It fits nicely in the cup holder on the ZLR But not perfect.

When will Cadillac make one for the XLR?


1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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