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Anyone want to take over a lease?

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Hello All

I need to get out of my lease due to starting a new family. I'll be going to Lease Trader and swap a lease next but wanted to throw it out on this site first. This will be a great deal for someone who's wanting an XLR and they won't have to come up with the down payment and I'll even pay the $595.00 acquisition fee to GMAC for the lease change.

Here's the details. 2005 Black Raven perfect shape with 5,000 miles on it. This is August and I bought it November of 2004 so there's a lot of extra miles per month to put on. I also got 15,000 miles a year instead of the standard 12,000 so there's that many more miles to put on.

Lease payment is only $1020 per month which is on the low side compared to some of the XLR's on Lease Trader or Swap A Lease. There are 38 payments and 55,000 miles left to put on without going over.

I'm sure there's someone out there that this will be the ideal opportunity to get into an XLR.

I'm in the Southern California area and will meet anyone who wants to look at the car.

I really don't want to get rid of it :nopity but my fiance has a BMW 330ci which has a back seat and I have a Grand Cherokee with a back seat so you know which one has to go, but I am keeping the Harley.

I can be reached at (310) 422-6957 or email [email protected]

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Thanks for all of your support. I'm really looking forward to my new venture in life. Good thing I made most of my toy purchases early on. :D

I will miss the my XLR and will probably get a sick and jealous feeling every time I see one passing bye. Hopefully I'll be to distracted by the new things happening.
Hi All

Still looking to see if anyone wants to take over my lease. Might even throw in some cash incentive too. Car now has 7200 miles on it which is low miles considering I get 15,000 miles per year on a 4 year lease. Car was purchased November 2004 so whoever takes over the lease gets quite a few extra miles since I kept it so low.

Payment is $1020 per month and I put $5,000 down. This will be a good deal for anyone wanting into an XLR with out putting a down payment and getting a cash incentive from me to take over the lease. From what I've seen on my payment is one of the lower ones out there for a lease acquisition.

Thanks again for looking.

Jason :(
Hi Harry

I really don't want to sell the XLR, but it's a good decision to since we're expecting a little girl at the end of March. We have 3 cars and a motorcycle and it's just not practical to keep the XLR when we have two other cars that are more suitable for family life. I will be keeping the motorcycle though. We will probably also look to get out of the BMW 330ci and into a bigger sedan too. Maybe a 5 series and maybe the timing will be good for the new M5? The M5 sounds appealing and I could probably talk the wife into that easily since she's a BMW fan and feels bad about me giving up the XLR.

It hurts me every time I drive the XLR and think about getting rid of it.

Have a geat day
Hey Bob

Didn't see the post about the Volvo. I'm going to check that out. I do have a green light to buy whatever I want as long as it has a seating capacity of more than two.

You all make it easy to stick with Caddies. Is the STS V out yet? Any scoop on it?

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