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Anyone know how the front plate bracket mounts????

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I am looking at an XLR but the front plate bracket is already mounted to it. Can someone tell me if this is going to leave holes in the front bumber when removed?

I bought an SSR a few weeks back and barely caught them before they screwd the front bracket onto the car with the GM supplied "sheet metal" like pointed screws. The instructions told them to line it up with the body crease on the front plastic bumber and drill away. Don't know if the XLR mounts like this or not?:confused
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Front License Plate Mount

Steve T.,

I purchased NM #25 for my wife for your 25th Anniversary, which we took delivery of on Sept. 25. When we took delivery they appologized that the front plate bracket was missing and that they have one on order. I called a friend of mine at Cadillac, in Detroit, to get the details of the where the plate goes.

The bottom line is that you don't want your dealer to install it. Its location is on the driver's side of front facia and yes it requires holes to be drilled thur the verical surfaces of the the bumper facial.

My state requires front and rear plates and the fine for not displaying the front plate is $25 for each occurance. However, they don't enforce it that much. Since we took delivery the police have not done anything.

Again, don't mount the front plate bracket.

And, Enjoy what my wife and I have found to an excellent automobile!

Best Wishes for a Very Happy Holiday Season and a Wonderful New Year,

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DFXLR - Thanks for the info. I was afraid that was how they were mounted.
There was a forum thread on this already:

The installation instructions are on the last append. Also, the license plate install is in the center of the bumper not the driver's side.
License plate mounting

Regarding the license mount. Sorry to say the correct way & the way instructed by cadillac is to drill 2 holes in the bumper cover. I had previously attached the guide lines as how to install it. So the dealers body shop can fill them & paint it.
Allen Kulbersh
Front plate mount

I don't think I'd mount the front plate on the left side of the air intake - that's where the radar antenna for the adaptive cruise control is located!
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