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Any suggestions for best wax

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About two weeks ago I gave XLR a nice coat of pure Carauba.

After a washing, the wax is basically gone and the panels have lost the slick feeling left by the wax along with the ability to quickly shed water.

With all of the various products on the market, is there something which is simple and painless to apply, looks great and has a bit of lasting power?

I'm hesitant to use anything which purports to go into the finish or change its molecular composition, as I don't want to take any chance of doing damage.

Thoughts and suggestions greatly appreciated.
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I use Zaino on my black Corvette. It works great. The pro is that you get a great shine that lasts a long time. The con is that it's more work than a one step like Liquid Glass.

You're probably going to find that there are a lot of Zaino users who consider it a religious experience. I'm not in that group but I find it to give a really good long lasting shine.
Auto Wax

I have spent many years looking for the perfect wax, I must have 50 types of waxes and cleaners. Strange as it may seem the best wax i have ever used is Nu-Finish in the orange bottle. The amazing thing is that you can buy it any where from auto stores to drug stores. I comes in paste or liquid the liquid is by far the besr. I go on easy, bubbles up,and gives the paint a great feeling.
After 25 years of looking I swear that is the best, :nopity
I'm a firm believer in Cherry Wet Wax and Miracle Mist in between coats. CWW is easy to apply, and is very easy to remove. It leaves a wet looking finish that can be maintained by washing, then misting and buffing with the Miracle Mist.

Follow the link above and scroll down to the starter kit. Price is right and it comes with everything you need.

Believe me, I hate washing and waxing cars so I want something that is easy and works well - bang for buck so to speak, CWW meets that goal perfectly.
Zaino Bros. for sure

For my Black XLR it's Zaino Bros. They have the best products for a show car shine that I've ever used, and it is fairly easy to use.
I have used Liquid Glass for many years & consider it the best & easiest to use. In mutiple coats it gets better with each coat. As a matter of fact, one of the local hand washes offers a 10 coat application.
Best wax

I'd like to second Tom Gallahgers recommendation.

Nu-Finish works great: Easy to apply and the results are spectacular.

Griots garage has some great products, their "best of show wax" is the best i have ever used and it lasts really. They also have a product called speed shine that can be used between waxes. It serves my XLR well!
Mequires is also a good wax. Has anyone used a product called drywash?I use it in between regular waxing .It is very easy to apply and wipe off.
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