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Any pics of GM accessory wheels for XLR?

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Anyone have any pics of the official GM accessory wheels on an XLR?

I just picked up the new catalog at the Caddy dealer and was surpised to see these. Of course there website is outdated (typical GM)

The wheels look nice 15 spoke 18" wheels
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Accessory Catalog

I pick up the same catalog on one of my many trip to the Service Dept. Did you happen get a price list. No one at my dealer had a clue on how much the Wheels are
18" Factory 15 Spoke Wheels

Many have asked what the factory 18" wheels look like on an actual vehicle. Well simply see why the benefits of having a warranty from cadillac, ability to use the outstanding Michelin ZP tires (previous string showing a blowout).

To see the photo of the roadster with the factory accessory wheels click on the link here.

Thank You
Please note the other threads on wheels. It is not possible to put on 20" wheels without making MAJOR comprimises.
Accessory 18" 15 Spoke Wheels

Aftermarket Rims and tires on the XLR, buyer beware
Your tires & wheels were done by a dealer not by Cadillac the Mfg.The dealer will not assume responsibility for another Mfg. product. The Wheel mfg. would be responsible not the dealer. Also the wheel Mfg. is only responsible for defects in the wheel as is the tire mfg. responsible for defects in the tires. The vast majority of tire & wheel mfg. will not cover collateral damage done to the vehicle.

All the safety items that are installed on the XLR don't mean anything compared to the #1 critical item on the XLR, that would be the tires. From crash testing to speed & endurance testing are done with the factory Michelin ZP tires. With the total amount of friction between the tire and the road, is a small patch of rubber on the bottom of the tire. That small patch is about the size of the palm of your hand.

My client that blew out his tire by hitting a pothole was in one of the worst and potentially dangerous areas of Chicago when it happened. The ability of being able to drive to my office instead of standing by or sitting in his XLR, waiting for his XLR to be hauled on a flatbed and then having to pay for the service. The service would not be covered since an XLR with stock tires would be able to continue on their merry way. Lastly it was all covered by the Michelin ZP warranty and did not cost him 10 cents.

Thank You
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