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any one not get xm sat radio in there xlr or not order it at all?

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if one comes in without it can it be added?????
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The car is already prewired for xm radio as I understand. Maybe someone can verify.

Mine came without it but the dealer added it. However I have yet to install the antenna hoping they will figure out something better than drilling a hole in the trunk.
webfather,,,,,,did the dealer order the xm unit they installed??
the xlr sales mgr told me xm sat cant be added....
if you have not yet experenced sat radio, your in for a treat.......
wonderful....nearly commercal free and little dj chatter........
plus driveing cross country the signal is not lost,same stream"channel" coast to coast if you wish..........................
have it and SIRIUS SAT RADIO both in a 2002 cad,but they are best buy add ons............
sure hope this can be a dealer install ,hate to have another best buy addon ,exp in a new xlr.................
any thoughts?????????????
I was under the impression that it could not be added on. I have it on my xlr and the painted antenna does not bother me a bit, in fact i like it's look--the sound system is outstanding--suggest you contact mr xlr--1-847 849-2229--he seems to know the most about the xlr--believe he may be at the detroit auto show--good luck!
I was under the impression that it could not be added on. I have it on my xlr and the painted antenna does not bother me a bit,

It can as it is prewired, just confirmed with my dealer.

The ONLY thing different for the $325 is the base is painted the same color as your car as you mentioned. The aftermarket it is chrome.

Hope that clarifies things.

Once installed just hit the band button til you get the xm radio band and enter the serial number.
I foolishly did not order the xm radio and I'm glad to hear that I can add it on. I can assure you that I will be calling my dealer and doing it! Thanks for the info.

I have to put a word of caution here. I have not been able to find a part number for a dealer-installed XM Radio option for the XLR.

If there isn't a part number, that means your dealer would have to get the individual parts and then put everything together. I'm sure there are some dealers who are capable of that, but there are probably at least as many who would not want to or be able to do the post-assembly install. Also, there are probably some dealers who will misunderstand and think you mean a third-party XM-Radio rather than one that works with the Radio/Nav system.

So, for anyone looking at the XM Radio option, the only "official" method that I can find is to have it factory installed. That is my word(s) of caution for today...

Was told by dealer since mine was one of early xlr's wasn't prewired
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