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Any one buy the XLR watch?

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I did but am sending it back. reason, the watch has a black background and the hands are also black. the numbers are white and the tips of the hands are also white, makes for difficult reading the time. Time is not what I have when driving my XlR up or down a mountain road. :nopity
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XLR Watch


I ordered one, got it very fast. It was expensive, but when wearing the "stem" rubbed the back of my hand when I moved my hand. I am a left hander which made the problem worse. Tried it for several days and then returned it. NO problem and my credit Card was credited promptly.

Jerryfl..... :party
Also had the same problem, did you have the problem of determing the time if say it was and even time ie 10 :15 or any time where both the hands were on a number?
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